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4 Modern Home Design Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Living Space

June 21, 2018

When building a home, modern design is all based around one concept: Simplicity.

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring and beige, however. Even minimalistic designs can be warm and inviting; you just have to follow these four modern design principles.


Principle One: Keep it Simple

Since you know that modern design is often described by simplicity and minimalism, you need to find a way to incorporate these concepts into your home. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain white walls and one single side table in your living room. But try and keeps things organized and uncluttered. Clutter can often lead to a stressed-out mindset. Rather than filling your home with as much furniture, decor, and accents as possible, think carefully about every single item you place inside.

Principle Two: Function

Your custom home design should incorporate the modern elements of clean lines and and minimalistic artwork. But along with that, it should also be functional. You should be able to easily access different areas of your home, have easy access to appliances, and have plenty of space to work. For example, if you’re creating a kitchen, you need to have space to cut your vegetables and have your cutlery organized in one specific area. Likewise, you should be able to easily pass from your kitchen to your dining area while holding a heavy tray of food.

Principle Three: Technology

We can’t talk about modern home design without talking about technology. Whether you’re an early adopter ready to embrace smart home technology, or you just want the latest flatscreen TVs installed, all home remodeling projects need to incorporate some type of tech. Just as importantly, this technology needs to be cleverly installed to complement your new home design. All of the cords coming from your computer and televisions should be hidden to keep up with the idea of clean lines.

Principle Four: Open Space

Modern design is mainly about simplicity, but it’s also about open spaces. While this may not be possible in some homes, if you’re building new or remodeling, you can create an open concept floor plan. If for some reason you can’t make the floor plan work, you can make the space look open by using furniture, fabrics, windows, mirrors, and color. Keep your window panels light to create an airy feel to every room, and consider opening up walls and doorways between rooms.

Modern design is currently all the rage. You can incorporate modern home design into your project by following these four basic principles: Create an open space, keep it simple, upgrade your technology, and make your rooms functional.

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