Talk to us if you are looking to build the home of your dreams in the Tampa Bay area. We have lots available in Tampa, Fl and the surrounding areas – many in the most desirable zip codes and locations. We would love to find the perfect piece of land for you and help turn your vision into reality.

Property Address               Current Status                  Anticipated Completion

4104 W. Corona St.                Permitting                             September 2019

4212 W. Jetton Ave.               Construction                        February 2019

4530 W. Swann Ave.              Construction                       June 2019

4101 W. Granada St.               Permitting                          September 2019

3502 W. San Juan St.              SOLD                                    Completed

212 N. Hale Ave.                    SOLD                                  Completed

1 W. Spanish Main St.           SOLD                                  Completed


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