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Building to Sell? Luxuries That Capture Buyers’ Hearts

October 23, 2018

Not everyone builds a luxury home with the intention to sell, but it’s more common nowadays with the real estate market on the upswing. Modern homes built to sell can start to look a little cookie-cutter. The majority of luxury homes are sold within 220 days of being listed, which is pretty good compared to the average home. This is because they offer something a little extra. What can you build into your luxury design to make a McMansion into a fast-selling masterpiece? These are the hottest custom home design additions that buyers are looking for in the market going into 2019.

Smart Home Tech

Smart home technology is going to be the future of modern design and home convenience. It’s pretty easy to retrofit a home with smart lights, assistant devices, and special plugs or appliances; but why not have the capability built into the home itself? Smooth smart home tech isn’t super expensive nowadays but it still feels like a futuristic luxury with lots of ‘WOW’ factor.

Dedicated Fitness Space

More millennial are focusing on fitness as a lifestyle. This means health clubs and fitness studios are becoming investments for the wealthier millennials; but at-home, private fitness is still preferred for many. What gets more luxe than a dedicated work-out space? We’re not talking a tiny carpeted office or bedroom that you convert to a ‘home gym.’ We’re talking a spacious, airy room dedicated to yoga, a treadmill, and whatever else the buyer may be into lately. Want to get way over the top? Build in a hot tub or steam room for post-workout unwinding.

Super-Comfortable Outdoor Living

Modern homes are increasingly taking their amenities into outdoor spaces. High up on the list of luxury home buyers? Outdoor kitchens with full setup, nice seating, a bar area, and even a built-in gas fireplace for cozy nights. It’s almost like a permanent ‘clamping’ setup in your own backyard.

It’s thinking a little bigger than a simple kitchen remodeling with granite countertops. Even so, these amenities will absolutely be worth the hassle when you get the sale you’re looking for.


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