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Florida’s Top 4 Home Style Trends Of 2018

September 14, 2018

Florida has always been known for having a unique, bright, beachy style to it, but like all things, trends change! The Sunshine State actually has more experience with home trendsetting than you’d think, as it’s home to about 1,536 individual interior design firms, the most of any U.S. state. In 2018, designers and builders have seen some distinct trends featuring modern elements arising in Florida’s luxury homes. Here’s our top four, in no particular order.

1) Sleek, Minimalist Kitchens

That’s right. Like many American homes right now, Florida kitchen remodeling has taken a huge turn toward white, sleek, handle-less, kitchen cabinets and waterfall-style islands. Perhaps due in part to the recent environmental issues happening around Florida’s shoreline, recycled materials for spaces like countertops are popular as well. Custom home design with recycled materials as a feature is projected to become fairly popular in the next couple years nationwide.

2) Copper Fixtures

Bright, vintage, and eye-catching, copper fixtures like lights and taps are gorgeous additions to a home. Technically copper fixtures became huge in Florida home design a year or two ago, but they’re still going strong in 2018! Careful, some cheap imitation copper has entered the market to take advantage of its popularity. The fake copper is less expensive, but just doesn’t have the same luster.

3) Dark Jewel Tone Or Muted Color Schemes

The stereotypical “Florida” colors might as well be hot pink, sunshine yellow, and grass-green, but bright colors are no longer dominating the sunshine state’s homes. One of the most popular colors this year? Dusty deep almost-navy blue. One exception to the rule is grass green; a muted avocado green was popular for a little bit last year but was quickly overtaken once again by subtle, happier pops of bright green.

4) At-Home Resort Style

Arguably the most luxurious piece of design featured here, the Pinterest-fueled love of at-home relaxation is catching on like wildfire in beachy Florida. Big, vintage-inspired free-standing tubs (think claw-foot) are a huge bathroom trend. Mix the vintage style with modern elements like bubble jets and space for candles and you’ve got one calming space. Creating spaces where it feels like a spa vacation every day? Yes, please.

Home trends change constantly, so savor these beautiful and luxurious ideas before another catches your eye!

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