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Important Comforts To Include When Building A New Home

August 29, 2018

When building a home, you have almost complete freedom over every design aspect. When people think “custom home design”, they often think of the high ceilings, walk-in closets, open floor plans, pools, and high-end kitchen appliances that are desirable in modern luxury homes. What some people neglect when building their new homes are the little comfort features, which are mostly sensory: light, touch, air. For the best possible comfort, pay special attention to the following four things when building luxury homes.


Consider two things here: artificial light and windows. Observe where natural sunlight would stream into your new home during the day and prioritize large sun-catching windows and skylights there. Natural sunlight cuts down on your utility costs and is physically beneficial. Wherever you have artificial lights, choose colors and installations that are visually comfortable for you personally. Figure out whether you like whiter lights or more soft yellow incandescent light, for example.


You walk around on it all day, every day, so don’t choose flooring based on visuals alone. Flooring is by far more of a sensory experience than a visual one. Choose flooring that will be manageable for you to clean and maintain, and that texturally appeals to you. Do you live in a warm climate and like tile? Great. Incorporate it into the design. Live in a cooler climate and like the smooth, warm feel of bamboo? Use that instead. Think about your tactile needs room-to-room and change your flooring choices accordingly.

Air Quality

Two ways to up air quality in luxury homes: naturally through plants and artificially through filters, dehumidifiers, or other air conditioners. Create key places for household plants to safely flourish, providing you with cleaner air and beautiful furnishings in one. Alternatively, you can build with an HVAC or similar system in mind to keep fresher air circulating and cut back on dust and allergens.

Bathroom Fixtures and Hot Water

Another extra comfort of building luxury homes: the ability to design your perfect bathroom. A shower or bath is a top relaxation tool for many people. If you find that you enjoy your morning or nightly routine in your bathroom, don’t skimp on bathroom design. On top of that, ensure that you have a hefty enough hot water tank to keep up with demands from bathing, dish-washing, and clothes-washing. Never running low on hot water again sounds like a dream to you? Prioritize it.

An added perk if you prioritize sensory comfort when building? If you decide to sell your home in the future, it could give you an edge. The majority of luxury homes listed on the market are sold in the first 220 days, but first impressions are everything. If a potential buyer walks into your home and feels a sense of harmony and comfort right off the bat, you may see a faster sale. Even if you’re not planning on selling in the future, your home is your castle — build it with simple comforts that make you feel like royalty.

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