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Luxury Design Trends to Incorporate Into Your Home This Year

May 30, 2018

When you invest the time, money, and stress required to build or remodel a whole home, you want the best possible end result. That’s why it’s crucial to keep lasting, luxury design principles in mind. In the past, luxury design referred to open spaces with extravagant decor. However, in the year 2018, there are many new trends that should be incorporated into your home design. And to live your best life, you need to build your best home.

What’s nice about building a brand new home is that you’re given the opportunity to start with a clean slate. So what luxury design trends can you incorporate into your home building or home remodeling project? Keep reading for some of the most popular features designers are seeing in 2018.

Smart home features are one of this year’s top trends, and the internet of things is making its way into the home in surprising ways. While digital assistants and programmable, high-tech heating and cooling have been popular for a few years, there are many new smart home accessories you can invest in as well. From smart security systems to digital doorbells, virtually any feature of your home can go virtual. Technology has become so advanced over the past few years that it has gained the ability to learn it’s users daily routines. Since you won’t have to constantly change, turn on, or turn off your appliances unit, you’re going to save time and money as your home adjusts to your lifestyle.

Reclaimed wood is another luxury, modern, and eco-friendly design trend people are loving this year. This worn-in, textured material allows a space to instantly feel warm and cozy. While steel and concrete were popular luxury materials recently, wood is making a major comeback. It’s a softer material, too, so this year, kick your hard stainless-steel to the curb. You can choose to use the wood as your flooring option, but if you’re feeling bold, use it on your fireplace mantle and coffee tables, too.

Luxury homes in Tampa definitely need a wellness center. Since your home is located in a warmer climate, you’re probably going to want to keep your body in the best shape with exercise and weekly wellness routines. With a wellness center or spa right in your home, you have no excuse for not hitting the gym. Incorporate simple things into the space like weights, a treadmill, a yoga mat, and a massage chair for your favorite guest masseuse to stop in weekly. You can also enjoy a drip in your new home sauna or soak in a beautiful hot tub.

Florida has the highest number of interior design firms in the United States, which totals an estimated 1,536 individual businesses. If you’re looking for additional ideas for your Tampa home’s wellness center, you definitely have enough interior design brains at your disposal.

Luxury design has been very popular in homes for many years. However, this year, there are a bunch of new design trends out there that deserve to be incorporated into your home. Take a look at the few listed above and speak with your interior designer about how you can get them in your space today.

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