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Sci-Fi Inspired Home Design

September 25, 2018

If you’ve got the funds to build a luxury home, you may as well inject some of your personality and passionate interests into the design, right? For reference, $975,000 is considered the threshold ‘luxury’ price for a home, but the median selling price for luxury homes is at $1.4 million. It’s not just modernists and Victorian design fans who spend that much on homes!

Out-of-this-world ideas have sprouted from creative homeowners making their custom home designs. If you’re a science fiction fan, the possibilities are as limitless as the universe when it comes to imagining your new home design. Here’s some geeky inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Flying Saucer Abodes

“Futuro Homes” are flying saucer-shaped simple houses that were popular back in the 1960s and 1970s. Finnish architect Matti Suuronen’s design reflected the forward-looking post-war culture transfixed by new gadgets, alternative lifestyles, and the Space Race. There aren’t many original Futuro homes left, but you can check out pictures to get a feel for your own alien-inspired vibes.

Pod Showers

This conceptual egg-shaped shower was designed by Arina Komarova. Although it can be simply an enclosed immersive shower, it also functions as a ‘hydro-massage stall’, bathtub, and jacuzzi. Sounds like the most luxurious pod person experience ever.

A Home Theater That Feels Like You Just Stepped Onto The Starship Enterprise

One look at Pinterest shows that this is a popular and often well-executed idea: a home theater that is styled as a spaceship control room. Think about it. The big screen, the dim lights, the comfy rows of seats. It’s perfect. It would also provide a pretty incredible gaming experience.

A Starry Expanse Of Sky Indoors

Planning on a particularly impressive ceiling in your luxury home? Why not turn that ceiling into an incredible night-sky experience? Depending on your tastes, you could paint on a nebulous scene, find a hologram projector, or even buy tile installations from companies like Starscapes or SkyFactory. (Note, we aren’t affiliated with either of these brands. They are just examples of popular space ceiling tile suppliers you can look into.)

Just as the imagination of sci-fi creators is endless, so are the possibilities of incorporating sci-fi brilliance with modern design elements. We can’t wait to see how you think outside the box.

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