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The Secrets Of A Successful Fundraiser: 3 Tips To Get You Started

January 23, 2019

Fundraising is an essential part of a nonprofit company’s life. Without donations from people who support your cause, it would be impossible to make any changes and get anything done. However, not all fundraisers are alike: the secret to hosting a successful one depends on a few select details. Let’s take a look at three of them.

  • Location: You know how houses perched on the water’s edge go for hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars more than their interior neighbors across the street? That’s because they’re in places that people are extremely interested in. When scouting for a place to host your fundraiser, take into account ease of access, size, and availability: if the town hall isn’t available, check out used modular buildings. They can accommodate large numbers, offer portable storage buildings, are extremely affordable, and can be constructed in no time at all (sometimes even one to two weeks). Your personal needs — and the needs of your donors — are what makes a location special.
  • Promotions and Advertisements: Unfortunately, nobody will come to a fundraising event if they don’t know it’s happening. Strong promotional plans allow word to get around quickly and efficiently, and usually don’t require too much effort. Strategize your social media postings and send out emails well in advance and with some repetition, but be sure not to bombard donors with information; encourage ticket buyers to bring those they think would be a benefit and your benefit.
  • Invites: Because you’re trying to raise as much money as possible for your cause, you may think you should be inviting everyone you know and their uncles. Try to resist the urge to do this! A well-choreographed evening can quickly fall apart if too many people arrive or butt heads. Consider separating your attendees into different segments: think about why you’re inviting them and what they can offer beyond the cost of a single ticket.

Creating the perfect fundraiser is all about the details. If you find the right portable storage buildings in the right location, promote your event in the right way, and invite the right people, your organization will experience a night to remember.

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