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Thinking Long-Term When Building a Home

August 22, 2018

Thinking Long-Term When Building a Home

If you’re building your dream home, you’ll probably live there for quite a long time, if not into retirement. Building a custom home is popular right now; as of February 2018, around 1,319,000 new homes were completed. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people building their dream home, learn from the mistakes of those who have experienced building before you, and plan ahead for life changes. Here are some things to consider about living in a home long-term when you are building.

Pre-wire, pre-wire, pre-wire.

One of the greatest advantages of new home construction is that you can choose to pre-wire absolutely everything so you won’t be kicking yourself when a part of your home doesn’t have a necessary outlet or a convenient light switch. Kitchen remodeling in particular can get tricky when the right appliance hook-ups and outlets aren’t reachable or are non-existent. Keeping electrical options in closets, outdoor spaces, storage… If you think you’ll need electricity there in the future, pre-wire for it.

Consider what your family will look like in the future.

Do you think you’ll be caring for an aging relative, raising a teenager, or hiring a nanny for young children? Consider a private set of rooms or an in-law apartment. The future of a family is difficult to predict, but keep your wants and anticipated needs in mind, and work with your designer to keep a balance between over-building and under-building.

Realize your tastes in design may change.

A perk of building a custom home design is incorporating your personal style flairs. People can be tempted to go the ostentatious route by choosing trendy or unique styles and features. Even if you like that gold-leaf entryway or art deco water installation now, consider the possibility of your tastes changing with time. Avoid a future whole home makeover by keeping designs customized, but classic.

Keep your work/entertainment spaces flexible.

Kitchen remodeling is pretty routine, but remodeling on a luxury design like a home theater or specialized office space? Those might be a little more time- and money-intensive if you’re not careful. Keeping in the spirit of anticipating changes in your likes and lifestyle, consider designing a work/home office space that can easily be transitioned to a living space when you hit retirement age. If you really want that in-home mini bowling alley, go for it, but weigh the possibility of needing that space for an alternative use later. Always keep versatility in mind if you are dreading the idea of a remodel down the line. If the idea of kitchen remodeling and desk rearranging excites you, go ahead and make some impractical (but fun) choices.

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